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DSC_5335DSC_5334DSC_5367I am super excited to be introducing you guys to ‘Wear the Paint’, an online store providing comfort with style. We all love a good graphic t-shirt or sweatshirt because they are timeless and they alone, can stand out. With the warm weather in full swing and the summer days slowly fading away, I have to take advantage of every second and what better way than with this beautiful ‘Diagram Boxes’ tank (originally a men’s sweatshirt). The moment I received this tank I knew I had to bring out my silver jewelry because it compliments the shirt very well; the perfect laid-back summer outfit.

P.S Save the date: Be a part of the NOW generation and join your local Aeropostale on Monday July 28th from 4-6pm as they host their event. For more details click here

-Vogue&Heels DSC_5374DSC_5354DSC_5363Aero-Now-GirlsGotta have it!? 

Shirt: c/o Wear the paintJeans: c/o Aeropostale: Shoes: c/o Shopbop: Bracelet: Joan Grevi Designs: Necklace: Forever21: Watch: Fossil.

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 There are certain trends that capture my attention, let me state a few of the reasons as to why: 1) They are wearable, 2) I’ve adapted feeling towards it and want to wear it, 3) Visually they are appealing and 4) They are super crazy. Everyone has their own taste and style, therefor certain trends might be appealing to me but not to others. As I watched the models make their way down the runway to showcase the fall 2014 collection, I noticed the one earring trend or also known as the statement earring. With that in mind I have one question to ask:

 Do you see yourself rocking the one earring trend?


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DSC_5255DSC_5227DSC_5270What can I say, Im back at it again wearing floral print. I know that I told myself to stay away from this print, but the moment I saw this shirt hanging up at Aeropostale, I knew immediately that it was mine. Despite feeling guilty for purchasing yet another floral print top, I know that deep inside my love affair with this print will never end. The beauty of this shirt is that it not only looks fenominal for summer, but it transitions perfectly into fall. When shopping for fall apparel, make sure to look for this color combination of browns, purples and dark pinks because those are the ‘it’ colors for fall.

-Vogue&Heels DSC_5283DSC_5234Screen Shot 2014-07-19 at 12.00.58 PMGotta have it!?

Shirt: c/o Aeropostale: Skirt: H&M: Sandals: c/o Shopbop (Sam Edelman).